We believe athletes competing in high concussion risk sports should be taking supplements to improve their brain health. Over 70% of tested athletes have low levels of Vitamin D, a key indicator of brain function along with others such as Omega 3s, B12 and Magnesium.

    That is why Concussion Pro 1 was created as the most convenient way to get the nutrients your brain needs to help protect and repair itself from training and competition.


    • ELITE is a blend of high quality nutrients that have been independently proven to help protect, repair and enhance the brain. Includes: Omega 3 (DHA), Magnesium, Beta Alanine, Creatine Monohydrate... Read more.
    • Developed by sports nutritionists for professional athletes who need to maintain mental performance while taking heavy wear and tear on the brain from training, sparring and fighting.
    • Batch tested at the production facility to ensure purity, this product is free from contaminants that can cause drug test failures.
    • Endorsed by the UK MMA Federation as a supplement they recommend to athletes representing the United Kingdom.
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How CP1 Works

  • Increased Neural ProtectionPre-impact the brain cells in the brain can be either dehydrated and fragile or hydrated, spongey and more resilient to impacts. To help you maintain optimal hydration levels Concussion Pro 1 contains Creatine Monohydrate, a nutrient with properties that includes increasing water retention in the brain.
  • Faster Recovery From InjuryDHA, an Omega 3 fatty acid is a building block for the brain. Our bodies don't produce it and it's rarely found in a common healthy Western diet. Concussion Pro 1 includes DHA for its neuro-protective properties that are key for anyone who is taking regular low level wear and tear on the brain. This can help reduce concussive symptoms including headaches and sensitivity to light.
  • Greater Mental PerformanceThe ingredients contained in Concussion Pro 1 can be directly linked with greater mental clarity and cognitive ability. This is critical for tactical decision making and memory in the heat of the moment. It is also positively associated with improved reaction times due to reduced levels of inflammation in the brain.
  • Reduced Inflammation Post ImpactCells continue to die in the brain for many days post impact. As brain cells are initially damaged they then fail to regulate themselves and continue a process of further neural degeneration. Concussion Pro 1 provides powerful antioxidants and reduces the influx of glucose into the cells which minimises inflammation and cell death post impact.


Fantastic product.

Easy to use, taste great and noticed positive difference in health & well being.

In addition to this the company itself is very approachable and replies to any queries almost instantly.

With the increased understanding of concussions in MMA, I added Concussion Pro 1 to my daily supplementation to prevent and lower the risk of having concussions in my fight prep and daily training routine.

I would highly recommend any athlete or general day-to-day person to give Concussion Pro 1 a go as it will protect and prevent any future brain trauma.

Been taking concussion pro 1 for about 3 months now and I am happy that I added this supplement to my diet. I have less headaches after sparring, more sleep and maybe helped by me winning but better moods :)